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For the sake of ” Copyright “, I hereby inform you that the title of the article is not my own. In fact, it is the end of art. 7, of the Third Statute of the PCC, a statute that regulates life in crime for siblings. To be very objective, “it would be their Magna Carta” that, in their case, there is capital punishment. So it is the one they obey.

Crime strengthens crime

Crime strengthens crime


Do not come up with that vision of the 70’s, that the thug is stupid. Donkey is actually the one who despises crime, and it is because of this stupidity that we are living this situation in our country. Currently, the CCP is in its Third Generation. Coincidence or not, it now has the characteristics of ” Bandos and Third Generation Gangs “, generation as to the phenomenon of “criminal organization” (IBCCRIM, 2012).

In the end, I treated a little bit more about it.

Many people are asking me why I am not writing about the attacks of criminals in some states. The time had not yet come to show society the sad reality we are going through, but this time, fortunately for many and unfortunately for the few, arrived. Without further ado, let’s get rid of all the dirt the state tries to hide under your rug .

Has anyone “noticed” that there are no more deaths of prisoners of dissident factions in and out of jail ? As they themselves say:

In the chain and on the street, sir?

In the chain and on the street, sir?

Only those who really want to “remain blind” or “those same types of people” who in 1997 “responded” to the CPI that investigated organized crime in the State, even ridiculing their members “implying” that they were misinformed or seeing ghosts when they asked for information about the CCP, publishing in full the First Statute that had already warned us about the CCP’s goals, many of which had already been fulfilled. After all, as they themselves told me:

It’s the face [1] ! (it’s the “Right”)

I have been warning since 2002, during the 54th Annual Meeting of the SBPC all this wrong Criminal Policy and Penitentiary. In fact, the penitentiary criminogenic policy employed at that time by the State of São Paulo, which did all the damage that we see every day in the newspapers and that I see that it will not end if it does not want crime.

It is incredible how things are repeating themselves, that is, crime is strengthened by the same mistakes committed by the State , and, to prove the state’s amateurism, we see that crime has been using its same techniques, after all it has already worked out once, right?

Some readers should not understand anything of what I wrote, so, my dear, if this is your case, at least you will have to study what I wrote about the generations of the CCP, as well as recommend that you read the articles that are available in the links of this article, because if they do so, they will be able to understand all this logic of the attacks and what we are suffering much easier.

This was the “technique” I used in this article to help readers, including blogs, websites, and newspapers that I have “spread” around. I am grateful for the opportunity of this humble contribution to globalized society, given that I am monitoring how much my humble academic contributions are spreading.

The amateurism with organized crime is very damaging to society, I do not tell the State, because it does not worry about us, because if it really cared, the CCP would not have been able to fulfill “everything they told us they would do.” Recalling that the notices date back to the 90s, as published in the Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo.

Look at the irresponsibility of the state: the CCP informed us in its art. 14, that his priority was to deactivate the Concentration Camp (as those who came from that Unit, from the “Cave” said). Already in art. 15 informed us that they were going to make a “megarrebelião” in the State of São Paulo, already telling us that they had already consolidated in SP and that the goal would be at the national level.

Readers well recall the deaths that occurred earlier, and of course they recall that they were CCP fights over “chains” in other states. This is the CCP struggling to achieve the goal of its First Statute, that is, to dominate other States.

Some “experts” forget to note that it is not because we are in the Third Statute that the objectives of the First Statute have not yet been achieved should be abandoned. Ledo mistake. As they say, “crime is not comedy.” We already know that its members are causing problems in prisons in other countries, just as Argentina is already trying to prevent the attack of the tentacles of the organization.

The crime has united in our country, be it organized or composed of factions and other seditious bands, that have not reached the status of being considered criminal organizations. But if it depends on our State (Federal Union), as it has already happened (CCP), they will easily reach.

Of course, if there are not once more deaths, by the dispute of territories and power. “As empiricism” already “showed me,” several times in the imprisoned prisoners were not working and studying at the time of the Father’s death (as the Shadow was called the former leader of the CCP).

The PCC in the 90s used a very interesting technique that gave it the power it possesses today. He made rebellions and to close them he asked for a “tram” (transfer) to the chain that was not yet in his hands and thus dominated the “faculties” (prisons) in SP. When the faculties were in their hands, they understood by right to make a megarrebelião in SP.

They decided to stop because the purpose was to show what the CCP was capable of. Well, at least that’s what I heard from them during the phenomenon, which occurred in 2001. Here I make the addition. My psychiatrist always warns me: “It’s chronic, you’ll never forget that, there’s no remedy, there’s no treatment for it, that’s incurable.” So sometimes I remember the facts with more details, phrases and other events.

The jail is a grinder of a human being, it destroys everyone who works there and / or lives there. The turns in the grinder are the years, that those who are there suffer. Such a destructive power of the jail, causes furrows in our minds, when we submit to prison, depersonalization, among other ills of the factory to make crazy.

RN and MG have already suffered simultaneous attacks from the CCP and these attacks have been happening for years, as has the use of the “National Force”. Now we see that the same Force is being used in Ceará, but the numbers of attacks only increase. Here are some questions:

How many attacks will organized crime be satisfied to end all this? When attacks occur in other states, and if the “National Security Salve” occurs, will they send the National Security Force to all States?

If so, if they are no longer in charge of Ceará, will the whole Force be able to stop the attacks in Brazil? There are enough police in our country to report to this Army that organized crime “buying” it up to who owns 13 years, with a thousand dollars to “set fire” and five thousand to “explode”?

How are we going to fight an army that contains even minors? We will be able to open public tenders in the area of ​​public security and train them at the same speed as organized crime manages to increase its garrison. Of course, remembering that for them there is no need for competitions and no training as long as they occur in the State; remembering, for example, that criminal organizations in RJ are making use of the “skilled labor”, coming from the Armed Forces. That is why we see that there is so much ease in the handling of weapons of war and all kinds of explosives.

When I left the Army, the CCP Intelligence Sector (in 1994) had already “lifted my life.” They knew I had been a shooting sergeant, who knew how to use guns and explosives. Without a shadow of a doubt, this invitation was not a “privilege” just mine, was it?

I find it very “funny” that “experts” say they do not trust when there is information on handwritten tickets from prisons. That this would be very amateurish, etc.

The percentage of papers I had in my hands throughout my life in prison was 99% manuscripts, even because they did not have access to computers. Today in some Units we know that this already exists.

But no one would be so stupid to “print” a Save to the street (give orders for executions, rebellions and etc.). This has to be done in the ” jega ” (bed) preferably with the “quiet” (curtain used to preserve the intimacy of the inmates during the intimate visit) “closed”.

How many times prisoners have not asked me to give a “little note” on the street, since I started in 1994. But leave these experts there, after all, as the prisoners say, “they are hat-mouthed to their feet, sir.” “Pure comedy!”.

And that laughter that only those who “lived in the middle” – empiricism that Criminology lacks so much – and here is a prose of Penitentiary Criminology – even knowing that I am swimming against all “experts”, but the “force” (empiricism) that I acquired in these more than 24 years “swimming inside the prison”, make me overcome this “tide”, which I hope one day will end, for the good of the academy – organized crime, you know what I say.

Going back to the part of empiricism, and remembering what the CCP did in the 90s, in the mega-rebellion in 2001, and the attacks in 2006, and now what we see happening, and not today, reminds us of techniques of war (TZU, 2003, pp. 28-29):

24 – Keep him tense and get tired.

Strike him where he is not ready. Execute your assaults only when you do not expect them.

The history of the CV informs us that they read Marighella’s “Mini Manual of the Urban Guerrilla”, among other works available at the time in prison.

One of the capacities of this new generation of criminal organization (let’s forget the mafias as we shamefully overcome it) is that in order to achieve its objectives, it is able to join the other criminal organization (s), faction (s), even if you have to unite with your enemy (s), at least until you reach your goal and there is no longer any need for some criminal ties.

On another occasion, I will treat the CCP as “third-generation gangs” because, because of its relevance, it must be treated in an independent article, with a sequence not yet possible to inform, in view of “criminogenic mutability” that this phenomenon has.

The Union slogan (which came to be inserted in the current Statute of the CCP) is being widely used and useful as a “flag”, so that the State’s actions do not take effect, being inhibitory incapable of weakening crime, while the Crime strengthens crime – this is ideology.

Briefly this is what I had to say to the globalized society and now I can sleep more quietly, after explaining, in a very clear way, this problem. The same way of teaching that I always cherish to have, for all my academic life.

 Whenever we talked about escape, I would listen: ” the thief’s face is running away and the police.” They have treated us as police officers, even trying to explain to them that the Secretariat was different – in SP, it does not belong to Public Security, because, at least until now, there is a specific Secretariat for prison matters, which I understand to be of ignorance extinguishes it, since the specialists work there and thus have more access to the reality (empiricism) than any other person can not see. “Every one has his face, is not he even a master?”